Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cyber shower gifting is a great way to pass time

As part of our wonderful DTC group (fellow Fireflies), Ray and I are participating in the Cyber Showers (as well as the Secret Pal gift exchange). Today was the day we were finally able to open our gift. It was Christmas day for Ray and me. It was quite a humorous site with Ray and I both opening the gift together (and since we haven't yet taught Freckles to take pictures, unfortunately we don't have the photographic evidence of this event).

Each gift coming out of the gorgeous butterfly gift bag was just as beautiful and exciting as the previous one. Kristin Minor (and her wonderful family) have provided Chynna with her first swimming equipment (thank you ever so much Minor family).

Chynna is now the proud owner of a cute pink bathing suit (with purple bows and purple on it), a cutie putootie pink hat (with purple and a ladybug on it) that matches, a dolphin swim ring, and the ever important sunscreen. We can't wait to get our Chynna and try this on her.

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