Saturday, August 26, 2006

Chynna's nursery is coming along....

My dh Ray and my wonderful dad Joe worked really hard on Chynna's room today to put down new tile, and boy what a difference the new tile makes. It really changed the appearance.

Freckles of course couldn't be left out, so he tried to help the guys out too, but learned it is better to sit and watch so that became his contribution.

And of course all that watching makes him quite tired so he did of course take a nap, but was really close by in case he was needed.

Fairies made an appearance today too and helped hang the adorable mobile my wonderful sister Katy, my nephew Adam, and brother-in-law David bought for Chynna while on their summer "outing" in Sweden. It really was quite special to see them "flying" around the room, adding their special touches.

Next we will be working on getting the baby furniture for our sweet Chynna (a crib, a dresser with changing table, closet organizers, etc) . I am of course hoping that all this will keep us busy enough to pass the time by until it is our time to "get that call". We really hope referrals start to speed up. We got our "report" from GWCA today and we understand that this last batch of referrals was only for 7/20/05 and there were only 14 referrals (all of which were girls).

Dear babygirl, you are so loved already, and we aren't even sure if you are born yet, but know you already hold a really special place in our hearts and we are sooooo excited and can't wait to hold you, kiss you, and love you with all our hearts and soul.

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