Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ernesto cuts its vacation to Fla. short

Thankfully Tropical Depression Ernesto packed its bags and left Fla., deciding to leave behind a few "presents" for Floridians in the form of water, water, everywhere, Ernesto did take with it my "hurricane anxieties".

We got our much needed rain, which made our grass and the ducks down the street quite happy (the ducks are so content swimming around in the ditches, they make quite the sight).

So now that our unwanted "guest" Ernesto has "left the building" we can focus on the upcoming weekend (Labor day) making for a wonderfully long weekend, allowing for spending time with loved ones, cooking out, possibly shopping for more baby items (my favorite "hobby"), reading adoption journals/blogsites, cutting quilt squares, and just plain enjoying ourselves.

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