Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Hip Hip Hooray

As promised, the long awaited bib that was a "just had to have", the cheerleader bib.

Seeing this bib, it made me realize all the wonderful opportunities that I was allowed growing up, all the wonderful activities my parents allowed me to participate in (such as cheerleading when I was quite little for the pee-wee football league with my older sister where my cousin played football, playing softball starting when I was about 5, doing gymnastic, taking ballet lessons) and knowing that I will be able to teach our daughter the same things (and/or involving her in other activities as she may choose). She may decide she doesn't want to cheer, but yet "play golf" with her daddy and vavo (her grandpa), as Ray has decided this will be her "passion" (hehe), or maybe she will want to play soccer, or be a runner, or none of these activities. Oh the possibilities.

Ray and I just love to sit and "day dream" about these things, and about what she will look like, about what she may like and dislike, about how we will "parent" her, and about bringing her home, where she belongs, with us.

Our dream will come true someday, but in our eyes, it just isn't coming soon enough. We will go to get you Chynna baby as quickly as they allow us to do so. Mommy and Daddy love you.


Wicked Witch said...

That is very cute.

Shandra said...

What a sweet little bib. Is that your first official purchase for her?