Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day Ten (Chen Family Temple)

Had another amazing day here in Guangzhou. The skies were beautiful and the weather was like back home, hot and humid. Wish we would've known the weather was gonna be so hot, would've brought more weather appropriate clothing. Oh well, live and learn.

Today we visited the Chen Family Temple, what gorgeous architecture. So glad we were able to be able to visit and so we may share this knowledge of all the amazing things we are learning with Chynna when she gets older.

Also today, we met a few Chinese people who wanted to know our daughter's new english name and when we told them what her name was and the spelling, they were quite honored that I would name my daughter Chynna, saying how much they loved it, and how much she would love it, and what a beautiful name for such a beautiful little girl. This made us quite happy to know that despite all the controversy that we have received from the online adoptive community, that there was support of from the Chinese community. What a blessing that was, and will be treasured in our hearts forever.

Well enough about that. Now onto why you come to visit, the adorable pictures of the star, Miss Chynna "QiuDie". Enjoy. More pictures when we can.

P.S. Chad, the hat made an appearance today.

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