Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day Seven (Xiang Hu Park aka Elephant Lake Park and Porcelain Store)

Today was another great day. We were quite fortunate as the weather is amazingly beautiful. We got to go the government controlled porcelain store, and they had some really amazing things, such talent. As you may know, Chynna's province of Nanchang is known for their porcelain. We got her a porcelain bracelet for when she gets older. Then we went to the Xiang Hu Park also known as the Elephant Lake Park. The lake there is supposedly in the shape of an elephant, but we couldn't tell. At the park we also visited a Daoist Temple. The Daoists are naturalists, and how beautiful everything was there. We really enjoyed looking at all the sights, it was all just breathtaking. Daoism represents only a very small percentage of the religions in China, most have no religion, but those that do are either Communist, Buddist, or Catholic. Tomorrow we do some paperwork, receive Chynna's passport, and then we are off to Guangzhou in the evening. So for now, enjoy the photos. Until next time.


Sherri said...

AWESOME pictures Dannye! I really love the one with you four Mom's with your babies and it's so nice to see Ray...he looks like he's feeling a lot better now.


4D said...

I was at that Taoist park as well. It is lovely!

Enjoy your last moments in Nanchang and safe travels.

Keep smilin!

Debbie Sauer said...

Love that little foot rested on the stroller. Blessings, Debbie

dawn said...

Fabulous photos. It is so good to finally see you in China with took you guys long enough. I love the yinyang flowers but they pale in comparison to Chynna/