Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day Five (Halloween Night, Notary and Walmart)

Last night was Chynna's first Halloween. She was a trooper in her ladybug outfit, she wore it out to dinner and looked darling in it. She also helped deliver the Halloween candy to the other new parents in our group who adored the chocolate.

This morning we went to the notary, and I guess it was there I realized how extremely tired I am. The notary asked how old I was, and I couldn't for the life of me remember how old I was. And the funnier thing was Ray couldn't remember how old he was either, I think it's because I shocked him by not remembering how old I am, lol. It was quite funny, but told the notary our birth dates and he laughed at our stupidity at math trying to figure it out. I was so embarrassed, but I guess they've encountered that a few times because he wasn't taken aback by it.

Anyway, we went from there and walked to the Walmart. It was interesting. It was a three story building, the first floor was just other stores, the second floor was the first floor of the Walmart which had food grocery items and then the third floor had the baby items. We bought a stroller, a diaper changing pad, a thermos, chinese cheerios/crackers, and a baby bowl and spent a total of $42.68US. We were thrilled.

Chynna's been doing really well adjusting to her new family. She's bonding with us really well, right now preferring me over everyone, but still going to Ray and also to my mom. She laughs and smiles lots which makes my heart sing with joy that she's such a happy well adjusted baby. She's enjoying new foods, sights, and friends and taking it all in as much as she can. She's quite the observant one.

Well enjoy the pictures. Tomorrow we go on a tour, and I'll post more pictures when I can. Until then.


dawn said...

Chynna is beyond gorgeous. Thanks for posting, I know it can be hard but we are all so appreciative.
How is Mikkel doing?

Debbie Sauer said...

What a precious little lady bug! Glad you had a nice time celebrating Halloween. Blessings, Debbie

Jonni said...

Wow, Chynna is stunning and so happy! Hope you guys had a great first Halloween together and her little ladybug outfit is so sweet. Hope all is going well. :)