Monday, November 7, 2011

Day Eleven (Yuexiu Park)

Today was another fantastic day. We have been so blessed with the best weather since we've been here. I understand that we are blessed beyond belief that we came this time of year because other times of the year it is soooo hot. Well today was hot, like back home type of hot. It is also quite humid here, so it's not a dry heat like in Jiangxi.

We went to Yuexiu Park today. What a beautiful park it was. Chynna slept through most of the time we were there, hence why there weren't many pictures of her today, but alas the princess did awaken towards the end of the stroll through the park and made her presence known through some pictures. We were "stars" by some Chinese people too. And let me tell you, they don't hide the fact they are curious by us westerns. They openly stare and point and talk about you in front of your face. It is really a strange feeling. We did bring some Disney stickers that we hand out to some of the children here, and although the children don't know what to make of us giving them things, their parents/grandparents are quite excited that we gave them a present. Mom also got quite a few people talking about her I think since she was wearing a shirt that says Wa Po which is grandmother on mother's side. It made her feel quite uncomfortable to be talked about since she didn't know exactly what they were saying. I just told her they couldn't believe someone so young was a grandmother, hehe. Oh well, gotta come up with something they were saying cuz we don't know for sure.

Today I took lots of pictures, so enjoy them as we did. You can tell how much fun we had and how pretty all the scenery was.

Tomorrow is our consulate appointment, a stroll down a Chinese Medicine street, a trip to the pearl market, and then another visit to Shamian Island. Busy day tomorrow. Can't take pictures at the consulate appointment, but will take pictures of the rest of the day and will post more then. We are so close to heading home.

Until next time, enjoy.

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Sherri said...

What a beautiful park that is....and I have to say I love the poses between you and your Mom!! Panda one is my favorite.