Thursday, October 27, 2011

Waiting in the airport

Well here we are, early, waiting at that airport. Got thru security checkpoints really quick (which is a big change from last time we flew out of here). Everyone we've spoken with at the airport has been amazing. Hoping by telling them the reason we are flying will get us some perks, you know like maybe upgraded to first class (hey a girl can dream right???). So far so good on the internet connections, but we are still in Florida, so we'll see how I do getting us back online once we land and are settled in our room in Beijing. I'll try to post again once we land in Chicago (we do have a 2 hour layover), but if not, we'll see you all on the flip side!!!


Karen said...

Depending on where you stay, Beijing is usually very good with internet because it is modernized. Most people have trouble with internet connection only in the city their daughter is in, because those tend to be smaller towns...but ours was great, with a wonderful hotel. The connection once you reach Gz at the White Swan is also really good.

Sherri said...

Woo the airport! Looking forward to your next post!

Debbie Sauer said...

So excited for you. Stay rested and hydrated. When I was in China, I kept a notebook with me and jotted things down so I could remember things when I did my blog every evening. The guides usually tell you so many things and with all the excitement, I didn't want to forget anything. Enjoy every moment! Blessings, Debbie