Friday, October 28, 2011

Sitting in Hotel in Beijing

Well we made it to Beijing safe and sound. It was a really long flight, I know others have said it was a long flight but until you experience sitting in a chair for so long you just don't fully appreciate what they are telling you. I did sleep some off and on on the plane but sleeping sitting up is not that comfortable, and they feed you soooo much food, it feels like they are either giving you something to eat or something to drink for the whole 13 hour flight. Our guide was right there waiting for us when we finally found our luggage in the luggage carrier, and she whisked us away to the hotel. Riding in a car in Beijing, I'm sorry but quite scary, the road lines appear to only be suggestions. All the cars were driving wherever there was an empty space, and as close to the car in front of them I doubt a piece of paper would fit between their bumpers, but thank goodness we made it to the hotel without an accident. Another fun story (Dad you'll appreciate this) Mom's really big luggage (which is really hers and my clothes) that Mom was insisting we didn't bring because it always gets checked, got checked. She was upset that it happened again, but my thoughts are what difference does it make, she's not carrying anything she shouldn't be, so who cares what they look at. Also, on our way to the grocery store to buy bottled water, I almost got run over by a McDonald's delivery guy on a bicycle on the sidewalk, guess he had more right to the sidewalk than me. I learned my lesson, watch out for the bicyclists cuz they don't look out for you. No pictures yet, but hope to have some up after our tours tomorrow. Until then (2 more sleeps til we get Chynna!!!), check in again soon!!


Sherri said...

I'm so going to learn from your experiences in China...I will be sure to take good notes! The bicycle thing...really? careful girlfriend. Question are you posting from a laptop? Or is someone posting for you?

Angie said...

hey! glad to hear you all arrived safely. looking forward to now you should be sleeping on the hard beds! LOL! angie

Alyson and Ford said...

Looking forward to pictures!!

Alyzabeth's Mommy