Sunday, August 28, 2011

This has got to be the week

Well, another week, and no news yet. However, since the end of August is this week, we are thinking this has got to be it. In the past few months, the referrals have been arriving by the end of the month, so this week.

In the meantime, a forbidden word has reared its ugly head tonite, PAPERWORK. Our agency has sent us some paperwork that will need to be returned with our acceptance papers, so I filled them out to the best of my ability (with some information remaining blank until we receive Chynna's referral). I know, I know. Once we get our referral, the awful PAPERWORK will once again be on the forefront, but the good news is it will be over once we get home, at least for a while.

We hope our next post will be that RQ will have heard that the calls will soon begin, confirming referrals are arriving in the U.S. Come on stork, fly fast!!

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Sherri said...

Fly stork fly!! I emailed Beth last week - she said they should be here mid week. Let hope RQ has something for us...nothing as of yet, been there done that this morning. Fingers crossed for you!