Saturday, August 20, 2011

Could this be the last weekend before we see her face?

Sitting here getting ready to go to bed, but wondering, will this be the week, after all this time of waiting, that we will finally see our Chynna's face? Have we finally been matched with our little girl? How old will she be? Is she in foster care or in an orphanage? Will she be easy going or picky? So many questions, and hopefully this week we will get some answers....come on stork, bring us our Chynna!!


Angie said...

oh how i pray that this is the week! come on chynna show us your face! hugs to you all!

Sherri said...

I'm feeling this is your last...hoping to hear something this week, before Wed would be nice. This has been one crazy weekend for sure...I hate to rush it, but I so want it over. I can't wait to see what your little Chynna is going to look like...where she comes from, how old she is. I'm so very excited for both of you!


Suz said...

Enjoy every minute of the anticipation and all that will unfold soon - it's so worth the wait! Can't wait for THE post!