Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rumors have started...OMG we are so close now

Late in the day today I received an email from one of the girls in my LID facebook group that Rumor Queen had updated and apparently China has begun working on matches??? WHAT DID MY EYES JUST SEE??? So off to Rumor Queen's website I go, and what do I see:

Working on Matches
August 17th, 2011
Word is that the CCCWA is working on matches.
No rumors about cut-off date, or about when they may be mailed.

I believe this is what I looked like to all at work about this time:

So what does all this mean? Well, first I need to calm down or I will be useless at work and as a mom to the peanut while we await the "call". Next, it means most likely in the next week or so, we will finally see our Chynna. OMG, I am so excited, nervous, happy, and scared all in one giant emotion. So I guess now once again, I am on this adoption roller coaster. Wanna jump on and ride it with me?


Kim :) said...

That's YOU and ME... on the front of the roller coaster!! Hang on Chynna and MeiLeigh... we are coming!!!! :)

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Can't wait to read your good news!!

Sherri said...

that's so awesome...I love that you and Kim are on the coaster together....weeeeeee weeeeeee

Angie said...

cannot wait!!!! so excited for you all!