Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wacky Wednesday...what does your laugh say about you?

After the sad verdict that happened yesterday in the case of Casey Anthony (where I feel no justice was gotten for Caylee, an adorable little girl taken too soon in my opinion by her mother, even though the jury didn't feel that way), I feel like we need some sort of laughter in our lives again. So in order to help bring some of that laughter back, I thought this quiz would help us to evaluate what our laugh says about us. The funny thing is...this quiz is so right about me, it's amazing. How about what it says about you?

You Are a Complex Laugher

You have changeable moods. You are emotionally unpredictable... no one is sure how you'll react.

You sometimes end up laughing at the strangest things. You recognize life's irony.

You are so full of joy and enthusiasm for everything! You always notice the positive.

You are both alert and sensitive to the world around you. Nothing slips by you.

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