Thursday, July 14, 2011

5 years waiting, watching, yearning

Today marks 5 years since our papers have been logged in with China. 5 years waiting, 5 years watching all our friends experience what we long to experience, 5 years yearning to see her face, 5 years....and we still wait, with all the patience we can muster knowing soon will be our turn, soon we will say we have been matched, and she will be perfect for our we will continue to wait, to watch, and to yearn for us to be matched. Come on CCAA (nka CCCWA), please match us with Chynna soon!!


Angie said...

5 years....forever, i know. i cannot wait till the day we see Chynna's face. she will be the perfect match for you all. i continue to pray for you all, she will be here soon!

Sherri said...

Where do I start? How do I began? All I can say is I have tears in my eyes as I sit here and think about my friend with this long wait. At least we now know this wait is coming to an END!! It's days, if not a month left to go. I am so over joyed with happy thoughts of my long time friends now getting ready to start with the experience of receiving their (your) referral(s).

I can't wait to see Chynna's little face posted on your blog.

love, & hugs,

Alyson and Ford said...

Such a LONG wait! So hoping to see your daughter's face soon! We are still here, keep the new posts coming!

Alyzabeth's Mommy