Monday, June 23, 2008

Some early birthday presents...

With thanks to Cyndi and Dean for the early birthday presents received today (sorry I couldn't wait til tomorrow to open them...yes I am that way, hehe)....

Here's the box it came in:

Cyndi you are too creative, it just cracks me up.

And here are the presents (yes they know me well, gotta love the frogs):

Cyndi's Mom made this pot and hand painted it for me (she is so talented) I love it:

and she even included a pressie for my Mom too that she made and hand painted (my Mom loved it and felt honored that you and your Mom thought of her, but hey she's part of the reason it's my birthday, hehe):

You guys are the best!! Thanks!

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Cyndi and Dean James said...

Hi Dannye..I am so glad it arrived with nothing broken. Happy Birthday. I had lots of fun picking goodies out for you. We miss you very much!! Tomorrow is the big day. What do you have plan for tomorrow? I hope you are doing something fun and special. We will be celebrating you here tomorrow. Also, tomorrow is our 20 month LIDversary. Husband and I will do something special for you and Ali Shea.
Cyndi & Dean