Sunday, June 8, 2008

Frogs, Frogs, and More.....

I am a little behind in my thank yous for some recently received frogs, and thought I better get off my behind and send my thanks (and share with you all the frogs received from friends).....

Freckles is quite disappointed in me:

so here goes:

thanks Doris, out of the blue she sent this frog for the refrigerator (along with some hair clips for Chynna), I love it all, and thank you for thinking of us (and apologize for being a horrible poster):

next when we were lucky enough to meet Cyndi and Dean, they too gave us some frogs, this one is amazing, it sticks in the ground soaking up the solar rays during the day, and at night it changes these amazing colors, it is right outside Chynna's room and I look out her window each night watching it change colors (funny enough I took this picture at night and here it looks like broad daylight hours, I promise it was really dark out when I took the picture):

they also gave me this really soft froggie (who rides along with me in my car along with a few others, I know I am obsessed, what can I say? I love frogs for some bizarre reason):

then I received this email from Sarah of Sarah's Collections, who so kindly custom made these Gator Orange and Blue Frog keychains, these are made by Chinese Knotting, Sarah is from Hong Kong, and does different kinds of keychains, hairbows, etc. Check out her site and support her in keeping this tradition alive (and if you order on or before June 30, you can save 10%, but you can't save if you don't buy), what excellent work and quick turnaround too, thank you Sarah, I am sure you and I will be doing business again!!

now this I may have posted before, this is Chynna's Frog Easter basket from my Mom, it cracks me up every time I go into Chynna's room because it is huge (probably will be much bigger than she is) and I just know that candy will be quite stale by the time Chynna gets home (guess Mommy will have to consume it before Chynna gets home and then refill it again, the duties Mommies have to do...hehe):

and my mom's friend aka "Aunt Sue" gave us these magnets from her daughter, which now adorn the fridge with the other frogs, ladybugs, Chynna magnets, I love em all:

also, a while back our good friends Don and Be, who are traveling to China to get their sweet Joanna Mei (leaving July 1) had given us this great king (or queen) frog for our sweet Chynna from Ikea, I hug it frequently, it is so soft and I love the fly embroidered on the red tongue, cracks me up:

and finally, you may notice my new frog signature on each of my entries of my blog, they are courtesy of Verna the Blog Fairy, she is helping Robin bring home Mia, Verna is running specials on blogs (from $5 signatures to $25 simple blog makeover, and much more) and 100% is going towards Robin, this is an amazing thing, to get the benefit of Verna's expertise, and to help a fellow adoptive parent, but this too runs til June 30, so act today and help Robin in any way you can.


amy said...

what very cool gifts!

Waiting for Mia Hope! said...

Okay...that is one AWESOME siggy!!! My SIL LOVES frogs...gotta show her your siggy! Thank you for the plug. I am SO grateful to everyone especially Verna, my Fairy Godmother! :)

Cyndi and Dean James said...

I am so glad the frog works!! It is the coolest thing! I still have more stuff to send you! I miss you lots. I hope you had a great weekend! Wish we were there with you guys!
Cyndi & Dean

Jonni, John & Sofia said...


First of all, I love the frogs. Everytime I see frogs, I think of you. Secondly, love your signature at the bottom of your posts and thirdly, love the picture of Freckles...too cute. Hope you guys are doing well.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Love all the frogs... such Great gifts..
Like your siggy..
Have a Great Week..

Cyndi and Dean James said...

Hi..Come and check out my new signature!! Verna is so talented! Love yours.
Cyndi :)