Thursday, November 15, 2007

Please help Sandi in any way you can....

One of the ladies in one of my Yahoo Groups (Sandi Sheldon) needs our help and I would please request you to help if you can.

Sandi and Dennis Sheldon were living the dream, going over to China to bring home their baby girl Hannah. They received Hannah, completed the adoption on the China side of things, and everything was dreamy, but then Dennis' (who apparently is a diabetic) blood sugars started "running high" and he began not feeling well. From what I have read, Dennis went into a diabetic coma, and passed away. As I understand this had not happened before they were unsure how to proceed with the adoption. So now poor Sandi (a new first time mother and now unexpected widow) is left trying to figure out how to deal with this sad turn of events and yet still complete the adoption on the U.S. side of things. Things were going great, and then poor Sandi hits the proverbial wall.

The remaining of this post was copied from my Yahoo Group:

The US Consulate in Guangzhou has denied Sandi Sheldon permission to
proceed with the adoption of Hannah. They want her to fill out a new
I-171 and are making no guarantees after that. Sandi, of course does
not want to leave China and leave Hannah here because she has no where
to go. Sandi needs our help desperately! Please start a massive
campaign of calling to her US Congressman and US Senator and urge them
to intervene on Sandi's behalf. We have discussed this with Sandi and
she wants our help. Please pressure these elected officials to contact
the State Department and straighten this out. Sandi should not be
denied Hannah's adoption because her husband passed away unexpectedly.
The adoption has been finalized here in China.

Sandi's congressman is Mike Rogers. His Washington office number is
202 225 4872. His Michigan office number is 517 702 8000, he also has
a toll free number 1-877-333-MIKE.

Sandi's US Senator is Debbie Stabenow. Her Washington DC number is 202
224 4822 and her Michigan office number is 517 203 1760.

Everyone should try to help and call these people until we get final
approval. We should continue to pray that her adoption is finalized
quickly and that Sandi can return home to Michigan with Hannah.


Janet said...

Dannye, if I could help, I would, but I don't think they'll accept Canadians calling them to tell them they are IDIOTS for not letting her keep HER child! ARG! I will do what I can do, which is pray for her. I can not imagine what she is going through.

kris said...

Apparently there has been an update and the family has asked that we stop making calls. Not sure where that info came from... saw it on another blog. They don't want the media involved either.