Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wacky Wed...What Primary Color are You?

You Are Red

You are lively and fiery. You embrace the world and live passionately.

You are moody but generally enthusiastic. You love so many things.

You are able to have a lot of drive and focus. Some people would call this obsession.

You are aggressive about getting what you want in life. You look out for yourself first.


Janet said...

Here's mine:

You Are Yellow
You are bright, vibrant, and cheerful. Your energy can take over a room.
You look on the sunny side of life. You are able to avoid stress, anxiety, and burnout.

It's hard to get you down, and you've rarely been depressed in your life.
You tend to have a clear mind and an unburdened heart. You try to bring as much light as possible into your life.

It's kind of close, although I have definitely had "depressed" times in my life!

Kristy said...

I am Red too, but the only thing I dont agree with is that we put ourselves first, I always do for others before I do for me, I require very little and I am sure that is how you are too!!

Love, Kristy