Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wacky Wed...what kind of soup are you?

Because it is cold out here this morning (in the 50's, and yes that is cold for this Fla. gal), thought this one was appropriate...

You Are Chicken Noodle Soup

You are a traditional and conservative person. You value the past, and change frightens you.

You are very loyal, especially to your family. You prefer a low-key life, with lots of time spent at home.

You like soup because it's easy, quick, and cheap.

You tend to have a favorite soup you stick to. Why change a good thing?


Janet said...

I'm a chicken noodle type of gal too....

Kristy said...

Me too!!!

Alyson and Ford said...

Where are you? Another LID Anniversary? You're a month closer.
Hope all is well in Orlando.

Alyzabeth's Mommy of Three Months!
Forever Family Day 09/16/08