Monday, December 22, 2008

Crazy Eights List Meme...

Alyson who is home with Alyzabeth An tagged me to do this Crazy Eights List. At the bottom of this post I also tagged Eight Bloggy Friends!!

Eight Favorite TV Shows:
Burn Notice;
Saving Grace;
Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew;
Lincoln Heights;
Gator Football;
and Gilmore Girls (even the re-runs)!!!

Eight Things I look Forward to:
going to China to get Chynna;
seeing things through a child's eyes;
finally being a Mommy;
paying off our house;
celebrating Christmas with my now 2 nephews (Andrew was just born 12/4);
enjoying life to the fullest;
the economy getting out of the toilet it is headed towards right now;
the Gators winning the National Championship again!!

Eight Things on My Wish List:
China's adoption process picking up speed;
a trip to bring Chynna home within the next year;
Winning the Florida Lotto (but guess you've gotta play to win huh?);
new floor in my house;
a raise at work;
a cruise with my family;
more time to spend with my family and friends;
to get out of this funk I've been in waiting and waiting and waiting for the CCAA to speed up!

Eight Things I Did Yesterday:
Christmas Shopping with my cousin and mom;
short nap;
watched a special on MSNBC about the Caylee Anthony case;
kissed my hubby and told him I love him;
saw my brother at my Mom's;
spoke to my sister on the phone and we laughed;
snuggled with Freckles;
got some new books to read from my friend Sue.

Eight Favorite Restaurants:
Olive Garden;
Ruby Tuesdays;
Cracker Barrel;
Bahama Breeze;
Lam Garden (Chinese Restaurant); and
Mimi's Cafe.

Eight Friends we are Tagging:
Cyndi and Dean;
Paula (password protected);
Red Mary Janes

If you haven't been tagged and would like to post this meme, let me know and I will link you.
Have fun!!


Paula said...

Thanks so much for tagging me. It looks like a fun one!

Debz said...

Oh gosh ok, I'll see what I can do in the next few days or so.
Have a Merry Christmas!