Saturday, March 29, 2008

An unexpected surprise visit...

Last night my husband called me while I was out shopping with my mom to let me know we had some "visitors" who needed me to come home as soon as I I rush home to find no "visitors" were there, unless of course you counted Ray and off to the computer room I headed to check out the blogs, read my 100s of emails that accumulated during the day, etc. About 5 minutes later, Ray tells me the "visitors" were back...

so down the hall I go, wondering who these "visitors" could be...and i was pleasantly surprised by these sweet faces, my 2 yr old great niece Angeliena, my 3 yr old great nephew Damion, and my niece Katrina:

(this picture was taken by Angeliena, a 2 year old):

after visiting with them and snapping lots of shots of them showing me their teeth, and posing for pictures (they love to "cheese out" for pictures for Aunt Dannye's blog....see for yourself)...

I let them take some pictures with the camera...these are some of the pictures as seen through a 2 and 3 year olds eyes (definitely have a future in photography, hehe):

this is a picture of our couch, hey at least the couch is in the picture:

and yes this is my arm, taken while giving Katrina the updated gossip on everything, although the kids said they were taking a picture of Aunt Dannye (guess technically that's true, it is my arm, hehe):

one of Freckles, who stood still just long enough for them to snap this shot:

a picture of Uncle Ray's keys because "they pretty":

another of Freckles, "hey Aunt Dannye what happened Freckles' head??"

and finally a picture of Damion holding Uncle Ray's "pretty" keys (maybe his head is with Freckles?, hehe):

Have a great weekend, and may you get some unexpected visitors at your house too!!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures - sounds like lots of fun with the children!

Your March Secret Buddy Gifts are on the way (very late!). I'll do better for April.


amy said...

thanks for sharing these..Amazing whats pics are like through little eyes

Don and Be said...

Hey! They take better pics than some bloggers I've seen! A great time was had by all, eh?

Debz said...

Cute He He!
Freckles is adorable! (With her head on of course)
I have a client who has a new puppy spaniel in tan, they called her Clancey which actually suits her to a tee.