Friday, August 1, 2014

Reviewing comments of past

With Chynna's referral-versay coming up the end of this month, for some reason I decided that I should go back and review those comments on Rumor Queen's site that lead to the debate over my daughter's name Click here for what I'm referring to. The day of Chy's referral started out to be a joyous day, and I was (as all parents are) quite excited to share this with the adoptive community on the Rumor Queen website that I checked religiously (especially as our referral was getting closer). Boy did that start something, all over my daughter's name. Not only did I get the know-it-all's telling me how wrong it was to name her Chynna, but then I started getting private messages and emails, all under the guise of helping me make an informative choice and "trying to protect my daughter". It really upset me, how dare these people take away my joy. But then I decided, who cares what they think....I have finally seen my baby girl's picture and learned who she is and where she is from. I'm one step closer to holding her in my arms. Funny thing is, I believe in the next few days, my daughter was nationally known (I even ran into a couple of families in the airport on our way to China who were super excited to meet us as we all shared the journey to our children, until they heard my daughter was Chynna, then they would roll their eyes, quickly express their "congratulations", and go about ignoring us. Their loss). To this day, those hurtful comments couldn't be further from the truth of reality. Chy has been home with us now for almost 3 years (she's almost 4 years old), and I tease her and tell her I'm gonna change her name to something else, and she proudly announces (ok, sometimes she yells at the top of her voice cuz she gets so angry with me) "MY NAME IS CHYNNA.....JUST CHYNNA". She does love her name, and others that meet her love her name. I really can't imagine that ever changing. So to all those out there that feel they need to express their opinion for something that an opinion really is not sought, do the person a favor and keep it to yourselves.

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