Monday, May 31, 2010

Thank you Secret Pal You're the Bestest

Sorry I have been so long to post this thank you....I have no excuses but for my camera has been giving me such a fit (looking for a new one now before we go on vacation).

I LOVE THE COLORING BOOKS for Chynna and Mikkel (he's almost old enough to color on them without eating the crayons you gave us)...and I love that it is helping others bring their child home.

You are the best Secret Pal, and I am so blessed to have you looking out for us while we wait and wait and wait for Chynna to come home.

Thank you!


LedaP said...

cute! We have another friend who named her little girl from China - Chynna. I was so surprised to see that same name here on your blog. Super cute.

Jonni said...


Hi sweetie! I am such a bad friend. How did I miss you guys having a beautiful son? Congrats to you sweetie! How long has it been since your beautiful son arrived?

love ya,