Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wacky Wed...what does your eye color say about you

Your Brown Eyes Say You're Clever and Witty

You are seen as brilliant and irreverent. You speak your mind, and people love you for it.

You don't let other people see any insecurities you might have. You like to present a brave front.

You are sharp as a tack and very quick on your feet. You're the first to get or tell a joke.

You are also clear thinking in a crisis. You are an excellent problem solver.

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Janet said...

Here's mine....

Your Hazel Eyes Say You're Understanding and Insightful

You are seen as friendly and approachable. It's easy for you to relate to people.
You don't let other people see you irritated. You try to keep any negativity to yourself.

You enjoy the company of others. You are always happier when you're with friends.
Other people inspire you and enrich your life. You are a true extrovert.