Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thank you Cyndi and Dean for the birthday pressies

Yesterday I came home to this box waiting for me, from our good friends Cyndi and Dean, who are so thoughtful, for my birthday (which is tomorrow).

Not only did I get these great presents....

(we will be putting some lucky money in these lucky money envelopes)

(these frogs are great, how did you know, hehe)

(We miss you guys too...love this Missing you figurine)

but they also got some presents for Chynna (and .....)

Isn't this the cutest hat they had made in Washington? Can't wait to see it on Chynna's little head...

and I will be playing with these finger puppets very soon!!

Wow!! I am so spoiled.Thank you Cyndi and Dean, we love and miss you guys!!


Cyndi and Dean James said...

Hi Dannye...You are so welcome for your gifts. Tomorrow is your birthday and I hope you do something very special. We miss you very much and are always thinking about you. We are sending you all lotz of hugs and kisses!!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

That frog beannie is the cutest!