Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Lynn and Wacky Wed...what does your birthday predict about you

First I wanted to take a moment and wish my Aunt Lynn a happy birthday (yes another birthday in our family), we celebrated her birthday last night along with my Dad's, so she gets to have 2 days of birthday celebration (how cool)'s to wishing you a fabulous birthday Aunt Lynn...

and in honor of all these birthdays, here's this week's Wacky Wed.:

Your Birthday Predicts You're Nurturing

Ever since you were born, you've loved being a caretaker.

Whether you're caring for people or animals, you love making others feel good.

You don't stress or worry much in your life. You think it's important not to sweat the small stuff.

You have a soft spot in your heart for children and pets. You are drawn to anyone in need.


amy said...

yeah for yourr aunt..hope she had a nice birthday

redmaryjanes said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Lynn~
Thank you so much Dannye for posting about our fundraiser, I appreciate it so much :)