Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Playing catch up with some pictures....

Okay so I admit it, I've been a slacker in my postings and haven't really blogged about much...so this post is a catch up on the goings-on in my life that I've been photographing but not blogging about, sorry if it is long, but hey I've got lots to show and tell about.

So here it goes:

My sister is pregnant with her second child (and due to have him 12/8), we are so very excited for her and can't wait to welcome Andrew into our family. Here's some pictures of my sister at her shower, etc:

and at a luncheon, our really hottie waiter Jay with Joanna Mei (Don and Be's daughter):

and at Halloween, my great niece and nephew came over before heading out for the night (can't believe how fast they are growing up):

then just recently, my Mom and I attended the last Super Soap Weekend at Disney Hollywood Studios and got to see Susan Lucci:

and some of the General Hospital cast too:

it was a beautiful day at Cinderella's castle:

and the Country Bears sang wonderfully (and such refreshment in the a/c from the Fla. heat):

we even saw some Disney ducks and even a Disney chicken (yes our family always seems to take pictures of birds for some reason):

and we went to Monsters Inc Laugh Floor:

and later found out "we're not worthy"....

Just this past weekend we celebrated my nephew Adam's 9th birthday (which isn't until 12/10, but since his brother will be born 12/8, we celebrated a little early):

he even had a "special guest" at the party...yes it's an armadillo and it's alive, and boy is he a quick little guy when you are just trying to make him a celebrity and take his picture, after "hiding" I finally convinced him that he'd make a great blogging subject so he posed:

So that's my life lately, hope I didn't bore you too much!!

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Alyson and Ford said...

Good job changing your blogging slacker ways!
Looks like you have lots to chat about. Love seeing the family fun with all the little kids.
AND you got to see JMei too!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Ten Weeks!