Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Belated thank you to my secret pal....

During the awful rains and winds we got from Tropical Storm Fay, our mailman attempted to deliver a package to our door (unfortunately we weren't home to receive it but fortunately he didn't leave it on our porch or it would have been floating in the water when we got home)....

So it sat at the post office waiting our arrival (well actually waiting for my wonderful husband to go to the post office during the day after he woke up, it's still strange that he works nights), so off to the Post Office Ray went, stood in the long line, and brought it home (isn't he sweet??).

During all this, my work is moving locations (thank goodness cuz it's closer to home for me, less of a commute, thus less gas!! that is always a plus), but this makes me so very tired, we are moving and keeping the law office running at the same time, what a trick that one is...

So those are my excuses of why I suck as a secret pal recipient, my Secret Pal is awesome and I haven't even told them thank you!!

Despite my suckiness, my Secret Pal spoils me each and every month, and this month is no exception:

Beautifully wrapped presents:

a file box and gorgeous Chinese purse:

a ladybug sighting (I proudly wear this ladybug charm on my bracelet, another piece of jewelry that will remain on my wrist til Chynna comes home):

and some notecards (maybe my Secret Pal is trying to tell me I need to write more often???....hehe):

Thank you Secret Pal for these wonderful gifts and for being so very patient and loving to us each and every month!!


Debz said...

Beautiful gifts!
I miss having a secret pal. We did it for 2 years and too many people dropped out...perhaps I'll see if anyone is interested in doing it again.
Love the bracelet, sweet!

Hope your nasty weather is clearing...

Don and Be said...

You're right - you are pretty spoiled, Ms Ribbit!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the goodies..
Isn't it great having secret buddies..
Have a Great Week..