Sunday, July 13, 2008

Missed Me?

I really have been around, checking out all your blogs, but there really isn't anything new going on with me....I just get up, go to work, go shopping on the weekends, and that's about it....

Tomorrow is our 24th, can you believe it??? And to think the end to this journey is still a long way away....but whenever Chynna is ready for us, we will be here with open arms, waiting!!


Donna & Andrew said...

Congrats on another step closer. SLow & Steady wins the race!!!

Andrea said...

Happy early LID-versary! Hopefully it won't be as long as it is expected!

Sherri said...

We're right behind you on our 24th coming up. Maybe just maybe it won't be as long? I'm going either private or i'm going to stop blogging for a while after our 24th, nothing much to talk about.
Hugs to you from me,